9. On your desktop, Right-Click > Show View Options

10. Adjust the size of the icons using the slider. For best results choose 100×100

How it works

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Changing your wallpaper

1. Save your favourite Papa Pocket, Right-Click > Save Image 

2. On your Mac desktop, Right-Click > Change Wallpaper…

3. Select Add Photo and choose your dowloaded image

4. Make sure you select Centre for best results!

5. Choose the background color for your Papa Pocket

Replacing the icons

6. Choose the furniture you want to use and Right-Click > Copy Image 

7. On you desktop, select the folder or program you want to replace. Right-Click > Get Info

8. On the top left, select the icon and use Command+V to replace it


Download the images and build your perfect Papa Pocket in Canva or Photoshop.


Creative practise


Textile artist