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Papa Ferrari’s Barnyard is a long-term NFT art project helmed and owned 50/50 by Hew, a startup founder, painter, and musician, and Papa Ferrari, who is the artist behind the collection(s).

How it works

1. Grab your farmer(s)

Try to collect different farmers from different regions.

2. Put them to work

Your unique farmer will be able to work different lands.

3. Earn crops & critters

Earn unique crops & critters for the different farmers you hold!

Mint Plans

PFB is emphasizing a large primary collection of 10,000 Barnyard Farmers and building during and after a prolonged minting period, with intermittent “mini-game” releases throughout the process to further drive interaction towards the primary collection.

The first of such mini-games has already been ongoing, featuring a smaller initial collection of Barnyard Gnomes, which serves as both an introduction to Papa Ferrari’s art style, as well as a way to drive secondary market volume.

Upcoming mini-games may take you to a Barnyard Casino, or a Barnyard Spa to cool down and relax.

Reward System

Right off the top: PFB (it’s acronym time!) does not support overly circular collector benefit systems where buying X earns Y, staking Y earns Z, then buy more X with Z, and so on. They will introduce such systems only if they have true utility and if they are not the sole benefit offered.

Rather, PFB has opted to fund development of a novel on-chain referral program, which has already been built. This feature allows wallet holders to get a unique link that earns them a referral commission with automatic, gasless airdropping of their earned funds.

The team plans to offer bigger prizes and time-bound challenges for Leaderboard accomplishments (which can be climbed via the mini-games both released and planned for future release.)

At the core of its operations, PFB has a real artist (the titular Papa Ferrari) who produces physical art pieces, and is more than capable of producing custom merch (a more tangible, albeit less digital reward structure).

Why Pay Attention?

Papa Ferrari’s Barnyard is intentionally AVAX. Why? PFB believes the technical qualities of the AVAX network are beneficial to artists, collectors, and creatives, and can provide opportunities and ease of access other networks can’t. This project is a labour of love, one that the team has made deliberate, conscious decisions to bring to Avalanche.

Beyond that, the team at PFB believes in organic growth, consciously choosing to avoid shilling and abusing spam for rapid growth, opting to prove value through actions. Combine this with a career artist on our team, and we have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by creators, and are equipped with the tools to overcome them.


Great to hear. The project is currently looking for the right people to team up with!

Contact us through twitter or send us an email over at:


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